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Monday, 19 August 2013

Best Features of Magento FAQ Extension

There are a number of questions regarding products or services for which customers want  answers. The answers of many questions are very simple, but user needs to confirm it from you. In today’s fast world of Internet everybody wants everything very fast and quick. As people email or call to the owner if they have any questions, they have to wait for the answer and if they didn't get the answers they may leave your site and will buy the product from another website. Therefore if you have installed the FAQ Extension then it will answer such questions on the spot. Customers will not have to wait for your answer as they will get the response very quickly. One other feature is that users can post questions by using this Extension and if somebody else know the answer he can answer the question.

Why To Use Magento FAQ Extension

  1.         It will save the time of the customers as well as the owner
  2.     Includes Ask a Question Form
  3.     Includes Rating, Comments, Like/Unlike features 
  4.     Creates seperate landing page for FAQs which can  be used for general answers
  5.     Custom sorting
  6.     Include FAQ block that can be placed any where on website 
  7.        It is very easy to manage
  8.        It is easy to install.
  9.        SEO friendly URLs
  10.        Just click the Question and you will get the answer
  11.        Create communication between you and the Customers
  12.        On front end it support jQuery effect
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 In this Magento Product Inquiry extension you have title, status, and FAQs ID, later on you can change the status of question by editing it. The thing you need is that you should post all general questions with their answers which may be raised in the customer's mind. So you are just one click away from getting rid of phone calls, email etc.. And you will have no worries regarding FAQ. Customer will be answered automatically.