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Friday, 24 May 2013

Automatic Store and Language Switching In Magento

The way mobile and PC users have been segmented, Magento Store and Language Switcher modules allow website owners to segment their visitors by geolocation. The evident reason is to provide better way for customers to surf any website. Magento Store Pickup and Magento Currency Selector are two different modules made for this purpose. These two modules automatically assign visitors pre-defined store, language and currency as set by admin.
This allows merchants to create geo targeted stores e.g. separate store for French, Asians and English. By installing these modules a French visitor will be redirected to French store and similarly for others. Below are the features of these two Magento extensions.

1. GeoIP Default Store

This Magento Country redirect and store view restriction module allows admin user to create geo targeted stores and assign them to different regions/locations. For this purpose it uses Magento Maxmind to track visitors by IPs. Here are the key features;


Key Features – Magento Store Switcher

  1. Create unlimited stores and assign them different regions/locations
  2. Automatic Magento country redirect is integrated. Visitors are automatically sent to predefined store
  3. Uses Maxmind database for Magento visitor tracking by IP
  4. Visitors can manually switch to any other store
  5. Supports IP Exclusion and exceptions in access control lists
  6. Multiple ACLs/user groups can be executed simultaneously and can be prioritized
  7. Allows you to customize the theme


2. GeoIP Currency and Language

This Magento currency switcher extension automatically assigns pre-defined language and currency to website visitors based on their IP address. Here are the key features;


Key Features – Magento Language Switcher

  1. Provides Magento auto currency switcher feature
  2. This Magento currency selector extension uses Maxmind database to track visitors location
  3. Shows confirmation box to visitors for language and currency when they land at website
  4. Visitors can manually switch their language and currency. A link is placed in the footer by clicking on which a popup opens up
  5. IP exclusions and exceptions are supported
  6. Create unlimited ACLs/user groups


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