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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

How to Secure Magento Websites for Geolocation

Magento Geolocation security based on Magento IP location is desirable in most cases. Few months ago an online merchant purchased Magento GeoIP extension for the reason that he is based in Hong Kong. He did not want any one from Hong Kong to visit his site except few persons. The reason is that he did not want his competitors to find out what he was selling. In simple words, he is looking to block access to a specific location based on IP address with few exceptions.

Geolocation Magento Block IP Module has following characteristics to provide this website security mechanism:

  • Automatically detects Magento IP location of visitors.
  • Monitor visitors activity on real time
  •  Magento IP blacklist functionality allows you to block access to any IP
  • Block single IP address, group of countries and regions with the help of Magento Maxmind database
  • Rule based Access control lists allow you to define and prioritize multiple rules with multiple conditions. These conditions allow you to block access to specific group of products, categories or stores.
  • Page level and store wise restriction is provided by this GeoIP Magento redirect plugin
  • Magento redirection based on IP addresses is supported. Redirect blocked visitors to any other page with custom message or image.
  • IP exceptions are supported, exclude certain IPs from ACLs
  • Customizable error messages
  • Easy to install, configure and  manage

Below Snapshots will guide on how to configure and use this plugin.


Admin Panel Snapshots

Visit Demo and Download this Module

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