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Friday, 21 June 2013

4 Magento Dynamic Product Pricing Extensions

With Dynamic Magento Pricing, customers can order products having different dimensions. Price is calculated based on these dimensions.  These plugins are suitable for products like blinds, cartons, fabrics, barrels, liquids, flooring etc. and provides following features:

  1. Calculate price based on Length, width, height measured in, square meter, square foot, cm, m, area and volume
  2. Enable Bulk Price update
  3. Add price Markup to bulk product quantity
  4. Provides Magento custom options dynamic pricing
  5. Provides Magento CSV, Matrix and Table pricing
  6. Provides Carton & box pricing

Following are the four extensions that can be used to enable dynamic pricing in Magento.

Box Calculator

Magento Carton and Box Pricing
This module provides Magento price per quantity feature. Customers enter the size of product they require in square foot or meter, and this plugin calculates how many boxes are required for packaging and shipping.

Learn more about the features in details here.

Percentage Pricing

This addon provides Magento cost based pricing feature. Store owners can apply markup on bulk quantity of products at once. Magento catalog price rules enable markup to be added on selective categories and products.

Learn more about the features in details here.

Pricing Calculator

Magento Square footage pricing
This extension enables dynamic pricing and discounts based on product dimensions in length, width, height, area & volume. Discounts can be applied on different product sizes. Centi-meters, Meters, Milli-meters, Inches and Feet are supported as input/output units.

Learn more about the features in details here.

CSV Based Pricing

Magento CSV and Tabular pricing
CSV Module provides table, matrix based pricing solution. It uses CSV file to dynamically change price. It differentiates itself from above mentioned Magento extensions by using spread sheet pricing. The limitation is that is only uses two dimensions e.g. in price calculator, price is based on length, width, height etc., but in CSV pricing only two dimensions can be used such as length and width. A plus point is the freedom of values that can be entered in spreadsheet and reduced time consumption.

Learn more about the features in details here.

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