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Monday, 19 August 2013

Best Features of Magento FAQ Extension

There are a number of questions regarding products or services for which customers want  answers. The answers of many questions are very simple, but user needs to confirm it from you. In today’s fast world of Internet everybody wants everything very fast and quick. As people email or call to the owner if they have any questions, they have to wait for the answer and if they didn't get the answers they may leave your site and will buy the product from another website. Therefore if you have installed the FAQ Extension then it will answer such questions on the spot. Customers will not have to wait for your answer as they will get the response very quickly. One other feature is that users can post questions by using this Extension and if somebody else know the answer he can answer the question.

Why To Use Magento FAQ Extension

  1.         It will save the time of the customers as well as the owner
  2.     Includes Ask a Question Form
  3.     Includes Rating, Comments, Like/Unlike features 
  4.     Creates seperate landing page for FAQs which can  be used for general answers
  5.     Custom sorting
  6.     Include FAQ block that can be placed any where on website 
  7.        It is very easy to manage
  8.        It is easy to install.
  9.        SEO friendly URLs
  10.        Just click the Question and you will get the answer
  11.        Create communication between you and the Customers
  12.        On front end it support jQuery effect
Magento FAQ Extension

FAQ and Product Questions Magento

Ask a Question Magento

Product Inquiry Magento

Magento Ratings

Magento FAQ Accordion

Magento FAQs

Magento FAQ Configuration

Magento FAQs on Product Pages

Magento FAQ Search

 In this Magento Product Inquiry extension you have title, status, and FAQs ID, later on you can change the status of question by editing it. The thing you need is that you should post all general questions with their answers which may be raised in the customer's mind. So you are just one click away from getting rid of phone calls, email etc.. And you will have no worries regarding FAQ. Customer will be answered automatically.

Friday, 21 June 2013

4 Magento Dynamic Product Pricing Extensions

With Dynamic Magento Pricing, customers can order products having different dimensions. Price is calculated based on these dimensions.  These plugins are suitable for products like blinds, cartons, fabrics, barrels, liquids, flooring etc. and provides following features:

  1. Calculate price based on Length, width, height measured in, square meter, square foot, cm, m, area and volume
  2. Enable Bulk Price update
  3. Add price Markup to bulk product quantity
  4. Provides Magento custom options dynamic pricing
  5. Provides Magento CSV, Matrix and Table pricing
  6. Provides Carton & box pricing

Following are the four extensions that can be used to enable dynamic pricing in Magento.

Box Calculator

Magento Carton and Box Pricing
This module provides Magento price per quantity feature. Customers enter the size of product they require in square foot or meter, and this plugin calculates how many boxes are required for packaging and shipping.

Learn more about the features in details here.

Percentage Pricing

This addon provides Magento cost based pricing feature. Store owners can apply markup on bulk quantity of products at once. Magento catalog price rules enable markup to be added on selective categories and products.

Learn more about the features in details here.

Pricing Calculator

Magento Square footage pricing
This extension enables dynamic pricing and discounts based on product dimensions in length, width, height, area & volume. Discounts can be applied on different product sizes. Centi-meters, Meters, Milli-meters, Inches and Feet are supported as input/output units.

Learn more about the features in details here.

CSV Based Pricing

Magento CSV and Tabular pricing
CSV Module provides table, matrix based pricing solution. It uses CSV file to dynamically change price. It differentiates itself from above mentioned Magento extensions by using spread sheet pricing. The limitation is that is only uses two dimensions e.g. in price calculator, price is based on length, width, height etc., but in CSV pricing only two dimensions can be used such as length and width. A plus point is the freedom of values that can be entered in spreadsheet and reduced time consumption.

Learn more about the features in details here.

Monday, 10 June 2013

How to Copy/Paste, Move or Duplicate Magento Category

Why would you require Magento Copy Category or duplicating categories in Magento? Among certain possibilities few important ones include, moving categories to new structure location without deleting existing ones, changing the order of categories and lastly managing too many categories. Here is one example of fixing Magento Category Order problems by drilling down to database in order to change the order.

Drilling down to code or database level might not be “always possible” solution for everyone. To better come out of this situation, use Duplicate Categories Magento Extension. This Magento Category Extension handles all the ins and outs of coding, user friendly frontend allows admin to easily duplicate or move any category to other root category. Following are the key benefits of this addon;

1.       Automates the process of moving /copying a category/subcategory from one location to another
2.       Removes any chances of errors that may occur during manual work
3.       Magento Copy product relationships with a category is supported. This feature is optional; admin can copy Magento product categories without relationships.
4.       Search and replace category labels. A feature intended to create Magento custom category by duplicating or copying existing ones.
5.       Choose parent/child category relationship

How it Works:

Following snapshots of this Magento Copy Category Extension will guide you on how to use this module in order to copy or duplicate a category. Briefly, after installation visit Manage Categories. A new button “Copy Category” will appear on the top right section once you have clicked on any category. A new page will open up listing other categories; you can select which one to move from here. Product relation is also selected from this page.

Once you have clicked on the desired category, click on “copy category” and there you go. You can learn more about different scenarios on DEMO.

magento copy category

magento duplicate category

Magento Cusom Category

magento add category

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Add an FAQ to Magento with Ratings & Comments

Magento Product Questions and FAQ Module build a knowledge base section which is highly useful for ecommerce websites. Because these sites sell products or services and their customers are often equipped with lot of questions. FAQs can be site wide or dedicated to products. What most companies follow is the practice of filtering common Magento product questions received from customers and then produce FAQ.

This Magento FAQ Module is equipped with Magento Ask a Question form installed right on product/service page. It removes the unnecessary need to click on “Contac Us” page and then asking a question. This form opens up in a popup; admin can configure “Slide down” style for it from the configuration. FAQs can be categorized into topics so that customers can easily find relevant answers quickly.  Magento FAQ accordion is integrated which gives a stylish look and browsing behavior.

FAQ landing page is automatically created after installation of this module which can be utilized for general/site wide frequently asked questions. Admin gets an option to add a question only on product page or both product and Magento FAQ page (wall) pages. More interesting and interactive feature included in this Magento product questions addon is the comments and ratings feature.

Customers can rate any answer, reply to it. This lets those who already have some knowledge of product answer on your behalf. Administration panel is divided into smaller sub panels dedicated to each feature configuration separately.  Below snapshots guides you on how to use this plugin. For more details please visit this plugin page as below.

Admin Panel

FAQ Management
Add caption

FAQ Topics

FAQ Configurations


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

How to Secure Magento Websites for Geolocation

Magento Geolocation security based on Magento IP location is desirable in most cases. Few months ago an online merchant purchased Magento GeoIP extension for the reason that he is based in Hong Kong. He did not want any one from Hong Kong to visit his site except few persons. The reason is that he did not want his competitors to find out what he was selling. In simple words, he is looking to block access to a specific location based on IP address with few exceptions.

Geolocation Magento Block IP Module has following characteristics to provide this website security mechanism:

  • Automatically detects Magento IP location of visitors.
  • Monitor visitors activity on real time
  •  Magento IP blacklist functionality allows you to block access to any IP
  • Block single IP address, group of countries and regions with the help of Magento Maxmind database
  • Rule based Access control lists allow you to define and prioritize multiple rules with multiple conditions. These conditions allow you to block access to specific group of products, categories or stores.
  • Page level and store wise restriction is provided by this GeoIP Magento redirect plugin
  • Magento redirection based on IP addresses is supported. Redirect blocked visitors to any other page with custom message or image.
  • IP exceptions are supported, exclude certain IPs from ACLs
  • Customizable error messages
  • Easy to install, configure and  manage

Below Snapshots will guide on how to configure and use this plugin.


Admin Panel Snapshots

Visit Demo and Download this Module

Monday, 27 May 2013

Best Free Magento Extensions by FME

With over 60 Premium Magento Extensions, FME has several useful free Magento plugins to offer. These best free Magento extensions acts like a bridge to your site. They add very important functionality to website allowing admin user to automate several time consuming tasks if performed manually. By using these Magento free extensions, admin user can leverage much of responsibility to them which ultimately eliminates any chances of errors increasing efficiency.

Here is the current list of free addons, download free Magento extensions by clicking on link below.

1. Quick Contact

This module uses Magento Ajax feature, default Magento contact us form is disabled and Ajax based contact us form is enabled. Admin can manage form fields & monitor all inquiries from backend; this plugin supports automated customer replies


Adds a quick sales counter to your website, push customers to buy your products with the help of this Magento marketing plugin.

3. Magento RFQ

Adds a professional and advance RFQ form at your website. Admin can manage all form fields and inquiries, and also can set automated replies. User can attach any image or file that you allow from the backend.

4. New Products Slider

Adds a stylish Magento new products slider on your home page. Manage the position of slider and which products to show.

5. Magento Banners Module

Professional Banners are great marketing strategy, this Magento Banners module includes banners management section. Create banner campaigns, target specific customers, display scheduled events and information, and do much more.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Automatic Store and Language Switching In Magento

The way mobile and PC users have been segmented, Magento Store and Language Switcher modules allow website owners to segment their visitors by geolocation. The evident reason is to provide better way for customers to surf any website. Magento Store Pickup and Magento Currency Selector are two different modules made for this purpose. These two modules automatically assign visitors pre-defined store, language and currency as set by admin.
This allows merchants to create geo targeted stores e.g. separate store for French, Asians and English. By installing these modules a French visitor will be redirected to French store and similarly for others. Below are the features of these two Magento extensions.

1. GeoIP Default Store

This Magento Country redirect and store view restriction module allows admin user to create geo targeted stores and assign them to different regions/locations. For this purpose it uses Magento Maxmind to track visitors by IPs. Here are the key features;


Key Features – Magento Store Switcher

  1. Create unlimited stores and assign them different regions/locations
  2. Automatic Magento country redirect is integrated. Visitors are automatically sent to predefined store
  3. Uses Maxmind database for Magento visitor tracking by IP
  4. Visitors can manually switch to any other store
  5. Supports IP Exclusion and exceptions in access control lists
  6. Multiple ACLs/user groups can be executed simultaneously and can be prioritized
  7. Allows you to customize the theme


2. GeoIP Currency and Language

This Magento currency switcher extension automatically assigns pre-defined language and currency to website visitors based on their IP address. Here are the key features;


Key Features – Magento Language Switcher

  1. Provides Magento auto currency switcher feature
  2. This Magento currency selector extension uses Maxmind database to track visitors location
  3. Shows confirmation box to visitors for language and currency when they land at website
  4. Visitors can manually switch their language and currency. A link is placed in the footer by clicking on which a popup opens up
  5. IP exclusions and exceptions are supported
  6. Create unlimited ACLs/user groups