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Monday, 10 June 2013

How to Copy/Paste, Move or Duplicate Magento Category

Why would you require Magento Copy Category or duplicating categories in Magento? Among certain possibilities few important ones include, moving categories to new structure location without deleting existing ones, changing the order of categories and lastly managing too many categories. Here is one example of fixing Magento Category Order problems by drilling down to database in order to change the order.

Drilling down to code or database level might not be “always possible” solution for everyone. To better come out of this situation, use Duplicate Categories Magento Extension. This Magento Category Extension handles all the ins and outs of coding, user friendly frontend allows admin to easily duplicate or move any category to other root category. Following are the key benefits of this addon;

1.       Automates the process of moving /copying a category/subcategory from one location to another
2.       Removes any chances of errors that may occur during manual work
3.       Magento Copy product relationships with a category is supported. This feature is optional; admin can copy Magento product categories without relationships.
4.       Search and replace category labels. A feature intended to create Magento custom category by duplicating or copying existing ones.
5.       Choose parent/child category relationship

How it Works:

Following snapshots of this Magento Copy Category Extension will guide you on how to use this module in order to copy or duplicate a category. Briefly, after installation visit Manage Categories. A new button “Copy Category” will appear on the top right section once you have clicked on any category. A new page will open up listing other categories; you can select which one to move from here. Product relation is also selected from this page.

Once you have clicked on the desired category, click on “copy category” and there you go. You can learn more about different scenarios on DEMO.

magento copy category

magento duplicate category

Magento Cusom Category

magento add category

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