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Monday, 27 May 2013

Best Free Magento Extensions by FME

With over 60 Premium Magento Extensions, FME has several useful free Magento plugins to offer. These best free Magento extensions acts like a bridge to your site. They add very important functionality to website allowing admin user to automate several time consuming tasks if performed manually. By using these Magento free extensions, admin user can leverage much of responsibility to them which ultimately eliminates any chances of errors increasing efficiency.

Here is the current list of free addons, download free Magento extensions by clicking on link below.

1. Quick Contact

This module uses Magento Ajax feature, default Magento contact us form is disabled and Ajax based contact us form is enabled. Admin can manage form fields & monitor all inquiries from backend; this plugin supports automated customer replies


Adds a quick sales counter to your website, push customers to buy your products with the help of this Magento marketing plugin.

3. Magento RFQ

Adds a professional and advance RFQ form at your website. Admin can manage all form fields and inquiries, and also can set automated replies. User can attach any image or file that you allow from the backend.

4. New Products Slider

Adds a stylish Magento new products slider on your home page. Manage the position of slider and which products to show.

5. Magento Banners Module

Professional Banners are great marketing strategy, this Magento Banners module includes banners management section. Create banner campaigns, target specific customers, display scheduled events and information, and do much more.

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